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The Flat Earth Quran - Answering Islam.

In this article we are going to provide irrefutable evidence that the Quran teaches that the earth is flat. We will demonstrate from the lexical sources that the Islamic scripture employs virtually all the Arabic words one could use to highlight the fact of the earth being a flat object, as opposed to a sphere. Note: The commentators are well informed about the scientific conclusion that the earth is a globe, but the scientists are considered to be laymen in regard to understanding the meaning of the Qur'an. Because revelation has primacy over science, the Qur'an is the decisive. eh, that’s not explicitly stating that the earth is flat. that’s just describing a human’s point of view when hes on land; that is, what he sees is nothing but continuous land, and that’s all a human will ever see. a human can travel the entire world and see nothing but continuous land. in. Quran's Flat Earth Theory - IntroductionMuslims claim that the Qur’an mentioned the shape of the earth to be like an egg in the 7th century, long before modern science discovered this fact. Such.

The first problem with this claim is that it is very much compatible with ancient conceptions of a flat Earth with a hemisphere or spherical firmament. Similarly, verses such as Quran 21:33 that mention the sun and moon as well as the night and the day each having a falak rounded course do not interfere with a flat Earth model. La connaissance de la terre non-plate, aujourd'hui, à notre époque, serait plutôt difficile à renier. Nous avons l'imagerie satellite, des témoignages venant directement d'astronautes lors de nombreuses missions spatiales, et ainsi de suite. Also, the quran has many other verses where it describes the earth as a bed. No where in the Quran at all there is reference to earth being spherical. Some muslims claim that when the Quran mentions how the night follows the day in verse 39:5, that this is proof that the Quran thinks the earth is round. This is also pathetic as human beings. The Quran and the Shape of the Earth. Sam Shamoun. The Quran teaches that Allah made the earth a bed or a carpet which he spread out and placed on it mountains as pegs to keep it stable. Allah also made the heavens as a roof, a dome to cover the earth. The Quran further presumes that the earth is stationary, remaining in a fixed position, not moving.

03/03/2007 · Allah's Flat Earth and His Cosmos. By Abul Kasem Note: All Quran translations are by A. Yusufali Hadith translated by Dr. M. Muhsin Khan The Earth is flat and mountains are pegs. 02/02/2017 · I know somebody defend the idea the earth is globe there is more scholars than flat earters a few. This situation caused by the rule of "quran don't conflict with science".So the scholars commentary the verses with scientific facts. RAEL’S COMMENT: Yes the Quran claim that the Earth is flat and that the sun is smaller than the Earth, and move around our planet. So next time some muslims try to spread their shit by telling you that the Quran is full of scientific revelations and say that the earth is round refer them [].

Le Coran et la Terre plate - WikiIslam.

God Spread the Earth Flat as a Carpet, Began the Creation of Man from Clay, and Created the Heavens and the Earth in Six Days But Satan Said, "I will Mislead them All, and I will Command them so they will Change the Creation of God" [And so they say instead,] "Gravity pulled the earth into a round ball, Mother Nature evolved man from apelike ancestors, and our universe could have popped into. Or it might be intended as a matter-of-fact description of the sun's daily routine. If the latter, it's a flat-earth reference, because in no other system is the sun doing, or not doing, anything different when her rays. 19/01/2020 · These flat earthers need to stop arguing the earth is flat thru the flat earth society with 300 royal members like @Cognitivedissonance and start 'proving' the earth is flat. Why don't they launch a satellite of their own and show us this flat earth their talking about kkkk or go to the moon?

The Quran says that God spread out the Earth 'والارض مددناها' meaning increase in surface area during formation. 'Madda' in Arabic means 'spread out', however it was also mistranslated to 'flat'. The Quran says that God spread out Earth, that is, increased the surface area. Our solar system is 4.57 billion years old. Earth. 30/12/2013 · Muslim apologists du'aat love to say that the Qur'an is filled with miracles and knowledge that no man could have known at the time. I was told this myself before becoming Muslim. Upon inspecting the Qur'an for myself, I found that it seemed to be saying that the earth is actually 'flat. First of all let me tell everyone with the help of this platform that. We may have become so intellectual but we can't easily do what someone has been doing from entire life it is not that easy as it seems including me yes. When we have the kno.

28/04/2010 · It says it many times. Q. 2:22. WHO made the earth a bed for you, and the heaven a roof, and caused water to come down from the clouds and therewith brought forth fruits for your sustenance; so do not set up equals to ALLAH, while you know. 19/08/2009 · Does the Quran say the Earth is Flat or Round.

Flat Earth And The Qur An WikiDo The Quran And Teach That Earth Is Flat EjazEven A Kid Can Prove The Earth Is Round Here S How EFlat Earth And The Qur An WikiDid Donald Trump Say The Earth Is FlatPhd Thesis The Earth Is Flat Op Eds Gulf NewsFlat Earthers Claim The Solar Eclipse []. For details on this word, sutihat, in verse 88:20, see this section of the flat Earth article. Similarly, ibn Kathir says the heavens are a dome or roof or like the floors of a building over the Earth in his tafsir for verses 2:229, 21:32, 36:38, and 41:9-12. This is what exactly the Qur'an said: Quran 88:20 And the earth and how it is built. وَإِلَى الأَرضِ كَيفَ سُطِحَت How did you interpret that the Qur'an claims the earth is flat? The earth is egg-shaped, see Q79:30: The Shape of the Earth [Q39. 02/09/2017 · Introduction The fact that the Earth is not flat has been known for thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks Pythagoras 570 - 495 BC, Aristotle 384 - 322 BC and Hipparchus 190 - 120 BC all knew this. The Indian astronomer and mathematician, Aryabhata 476 Pejabat mufti wilayah kutuan ft mufti flat earth conspiracy norway quran burning is culprit is the earth flat or round have we Flat Earth House Of WisdomDo The Quran And Teach That Earth Is Flat Ejaz Naqvi MdDo The Quran And Teach That Earth Is Flat Ejaz Naqvi MdPhd Thesis The Earth Is Flat.

27/03/2008 · Q. 15:19 And the earth have WE spread out Madadnaha means flat in arabic check it up Q. 20:53 [since he is the One] Who has laid out the earth as a carpet for you Mahdan` Q. 43:10 Yet, the same that has made for you the earth like a carpet spread out Mahdan` Q. 50:6-7 We stretched it forth, and cast on it firm mountains, and we caused to grow therein of every joyous kind Madadnaha means. 09/08/2010 · Why Muslims don't admit that that there are many many verses in Quran that says that the shape of the Earth is flat ? And not a single verse in the Quran tells or even hints us that the shape of the earth is anything else than flat Some examples Verse 50:7 "والارض مددناها والقينا فيها رواسي وانبتنا فيها من كل زوج بهيج " Translation: And.

Wiki-Islam and Flat Earth Claims. Wiki-Islam claims that the Quran presents the world as flat on account of the following words used in the following verses: Firash/Farashna “Who made the earth a bed [firash] for you, and the heaven a roof, and caused water to come down from the clouds and therewith brought forth fruits for your sustenance.

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