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Célosie Celosia argentea, des fleurs en plumets colorés.

A Ball Ingenuity product, available exclusively through Ball Seed. Celosia Intenz is an easy to produce plant which produces bold purple flower spikes which look great at retail. Celosia Intenz continues to bloom throughout the summer and fall making it the pefect plant. Celosia Intenze Classic 4″ pot. Bold purple color that continue to bloom throughout the season – can take the heat. Easy to care for and maximum color! Bold purple color that continue to bloom throughout the season can take the heat. Easy to care for and maximum color!

Célosie à panache ou celosia argentea, fiche pratique d'identité complète du semis ou la plantation à la récolte ou la floraison. Réponses aux comment, quoi, qui, où, pourquoi, quand. 22/05/2019 · zuzu said:According to the Ball site, Intenz™ is the name of a trade series, so I'll be editing our entries to reflect its status as such. Carol, I suspect that Intenz was renamed Intenz Classic after the other two were introduced. if you're hesitant to use that entry, you can use the more generic Celosia. Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener.lets you build virtual gardens, share your gardening pictures, rate gardens, take gardening quizzes, search for plants by attribute such as type, soil, sun, water needs, plus hundreds more, and has hundreds of helpful articles.

Crête de coq ou celosia argentea variété cristata, fiche pratique d'identité complète du semis ou la plantation à la récolte ou la floraison. Réponses aux comment, quoi, qui, où, pourquoi, quand. Answer 1 · 's Answer · Hi Nancy - I really like the Intenz Celosia and am growing it in both containers and the ground this year. It did very good in our flowerbeds last year. Because yours have both fading flowers and brittle leaves this leads me.

Celosia Intenz Classic - 4 Plants - Bargain Garden.

28/09/2015 · Check out Intenz, a great new line of celosia, which includes Classic, Dark Purple and Lipstick. Intenz is good for spring, fall or as an indoor floral plant. Featuring Kevin Roethle. Unique, bold color that is sure to catch the consumer’s eye! Good all-season garden performance. After years of trialing to ensure ease of production, Twisted truly offers a fine complement to Intenz™ Celosia for both pot plant and garden programs. Providing our customers with the highest quality plants for over 40 years!

Intenz Classic celosia. That brings me to the new Louisiana Super Plant selection: Intenz Classic celosia Celosia argentea var. spicata Intenz Classic. This compact version of wheat celosia only grows about 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide. The spiky flower heads are generally rich purple. Although the color may fade some in the heat of. As spring approaches, I wanted to put a bug in your ear, so to speak, for a plant you probably have not tried, the Intenz celosia. You might think of it as a celosia with the look of a little. Intenz Celosia will grow to be about 14 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 12 inches. When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plants should be spaced approximately 10 inches apart. Its foliage tends to remain dense right to the ground, not requiring facer plants in front. This fast-growing annual will normally live for one full growing season, needing replacement the. Proven Winners - Intenz Dark Purple - Celosia argentea purple plant details, information and resources. About Intenz Classic Celosia. Feathery plumes on a compact busy plant. Blooms early and is heat resistant.

Celosia ‘Intenz’ is a spike type. It is a compact plant that stands 18 inches tall with a 12-inch spread. Dense, elongated, oval-shaped dark green leaves surround radiant purple-violet flowers — flowers that will catch your eye from yards away. ‘Intenz’ is perfect for. Celosia is the perfect plant for lining your side walk, pots, or just as a general border plant and your container gardens and pots will be extremely happy to have this bright fun flower growing in them! Celosia will bloom through spring and summer and right into the beginning of fall. You'll be more than happy you planted these seeds when you. How to Grow and Care for the Celosia or Cockscomb Flower in Containers. Intro: Celosia flowers, also called woolflowers or cockscombs, have unusual flowers that can bloom up to 10 weeks.These flowers can have red, pink, purple, gold or bicolored blooms.

CELOSIA Intenz Classic. Company: Ball Ingenuity™ Cultural Notes. Plant material was supplied plugs, which were transplanted to 30-cm baskets in Sun Grow Horticulture MM366 media and grown on for approximately 3 weeks before being hung in an uncovered greenhouse. Photo about Purple flowers of celosia in garden with mulch. Image of classic, flowerbed, celosia - 59310105. Even on a gray, rainy day, the oddly shaped flowers of celosia Celosia cristata are a vibrant spot of color in the summer garden. Celosia is a low-maintenance plant that will bloom throughout. Photo about Purple flowers of celosia in garden with mulch. Image of plant, summer, flower - 59309198. Grow celosia in full sun -- that means this flower wants at least six hours of direct sun per day. In less light, celosia may grow tall and lanky, flop over, and bloom less. When you first plant it, celosia likes regular watering to help it get established, but once it gets going, it's quite drought tolerant. Still, consistent watering during.

Intenz Celosia - Annual Plants

Celosia argentea growing herbaceous of the genus Celosia and also known as Plumed cockscomb.Celosia argentea annual plant and used for edible leaves and flowers but mostly used as ornamental plant, can grow in mediterranean, desert, subtropical, temperate or tropic climate and growing in hardiness zone 2. Intenz Classic Wheat Celosia Celosia argentea 'Intenz Classic': Feathery spikes of intense purple provide season-long color in the landscape on this full sun-loving annual. Pest and disease resistant; plant in well-drained soils and fertilize lightly to produce the maximum flower production. Celosia 'Intenz Classic' Celosia Height: 18 in Spread: 12 in Bloom Color: Magenta Foliage Color: Green Intenz Classic Characteristics & Attributes. American Farms Growing Season • January • February • March • April • October • November: Attributes • Border or Bed • Container • Vibrant Color: Exposure • Full Sun • Partial Sun: Habit • Upright: Soil Moisture • Keep Well. There are two types of celosia that are commonly known in horticultural circles: plumed types produce feathery plumes above the plants C. argentea plumosa; 40.5M seeds/oz; and cockscomb types that have crested flower heads with wavy combs C. argentea cristata; 30 to 40.5M seeds/oz. Growers and gardeners alike enjoy dwarf celosia for their.

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